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Kelly's Closet

With the holidays just around the corner, I've felt extremely inspired to design a special holiday collection that emphasizes a little of everyone’s favorite glitz and glam during the holiday season—yes, that perfect pop of metallic sparkle. I've found myself in a constant holiday daydream, fantasizing about sparkly champagne, glowing Christmas lights, glitzy party dresses, shiny ornaments, and metallic sequins!  Who’s with me? By incorporating that notorious holiday sparkle into this season's bags, I designed up the perfect (fun and snazzy) collection for you. So drumroll please… today is the official launch of Holidaze! Pre-orders are a thing of the past and shipments are now in season.

This Holidaze collection is all about mixing and matching the holiday glitz and glam with a pop of print. Leopard is the classic and timeless print of the holiday season. With absolutely no limitations, there’s no need to feel hesitant about getting your cheetah print mix-and-match on. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, this Holidaze collection will transition perfectly from one fashionable season to the next. When you put on that gorgeous red dress for your next holiday party, you’ll be wishing you had a Kelly Wynne pop of leopard metallic to complete your outfit ensemble!
With the release of Holidaze comes one of my new favorite Kelly Wynne staples: the Halo. I had the most fun designing this jaw dropper because it’s one of the newest Kelly Wynne styles. Its unique round shape (a little throwback to the 70s!), a pop of everyone’s favorite leopard print, and its classic and timeless feel will have girls all around you turning their heads. Yes, it's that kind of head turner! You know what I mean. It's when you happen to see a woman walking down the street with that oh-so-fabulous handbag, and you have no choice but to fully turn your head just for a double take!
Be sure to check to the full Holidaze collection here, and see how I styled my Halo above. Happy Holidaze!


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