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Tuesday Tutorial

The crossbody: it’s a fashionable and oh-so-trendy bag that still holds everything and more while still staying out of the way in a no-fuss manner. And we all love a crossbody for one important and obvious reason: it’s that effortless and easy go-to bag that simply gets the job done while still looking extra stylish. And, of course, here at the KW HQ, we can’t get enough of wearing our Call on Me Crossbody in every which way possible. My own personal touch? I like to tie it up and wear it as a shoulder bag. Yes, you can do it too! Today’s tutorial consists of (step 1) simply looping the top of the long strip through itself, and (step 2) pulling it through to create a stylish knot at the top of your strap handle. Whether you wear it on your arm or strut it on your shoulder, the Call on Me Crossbody instantly transforms into that everyday bag that’s not only useful and functional as a crossbody, but also the perfect handbag to wear at your side, across your body, or fashionably sitting on your arm or shoulder! Peruse on over to find the Call on me Crossbody in Pine Baby Croc & Lizard details here!