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Kelly's Closet

If you’ve had your eye on the classic Mingle Mingle Mini in Deep Pine Python, you may just happen to fall in love with its newest twin sis. Yes, it’s true. The Mingle Mingle Mini silhouette just got that much more fabulous. Without any further ado, I’m so pleased and excited to introduce my latest limited edition the Mingle Mingle Mini…in Deep Plum Python! Found exclusively on, the color of this new beauty is a deep purple that can easily transition from day to night. This color is so subtle it can be mistaken for black. Everyone has a black bag, so why not choose something with a hint of color and more versatility?
As I put this Kelly’s Closet outfit together, I couldn’t resist pairing the new MMM with these floral cords from Anthropologie. The busy patterned pants work well with the subtlety of the python print in this bag. I love mixing patterns (as you all know)! ...And not to mention, I'm crushing on the color "plum" this season.
Sometimes (just sometimes), working hard is hardly working at this Kelly Wynne HQ (hence the last photo of my glamorous running and skipping)! I like to make fun of myself during these little Kelly’s Closet photo shoots you can see! Be sure to take a second look at the new holiday Risky Biz Wristlet in Rose Gold Lizard (featured above)! On the day of this photo shoot, I couldn’t control my anticipation and immediately snagged one of these gems up for myself! It's a party in my tote during the day and the sparkle I bring out at night! ;) You know it’s true ladies, this dazzling RBW will go perfectly with all your holiday dresses this season and will even be a great addition to your spring wardrobe!
Hope this post cures your Monday blues!