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A Birthday Fête

Yes, it’s true girls. I’m a Christmas baby! Well… almost a Christmas baby :) (just two days shy!). And it gets better ladies… The Queen of Deets, aka my BFF, aka my very own *mum* and I share the same birthday! So in this handbag-happy household, we make these birthdays a big deal. You may think the girls in the White household may be birthday brats, but I’ll beg to differ… tee hee! And the excitement doesn’t stop there. My bro and pops share the same birthday as well! And to add to the family magic, Fonzi (THE Kelly Wynne mascot - duh) was born on New Year's Eve! So we just keep the party going!
In this sweet and sparkly photoshoot, Fonz and I took a moment to celebrate our birthdays together, and of course, I chose to wear my favorite KW bag of the season: the rose gold platinum Mingle Mingle Mini! I kid you not, I find myself grabbing this gem to wear with every outfit of the holiday season. It’s one of those bags that catches your eye and keeps you wanting more (and more!). Plus it adds in that extra pop of glam when you’re ready to hit the town and strut your night out with confidence. I also wanted to flaunt this fabulous Cloud 9 Clutch in Rust Rose Gold with this oh-so-sparkly top! New Year's anyone? Yep, I definitely know what my bag options will be this New Year's Eve…
And of course, last but not least, I wanted to make a toast to the bag I designed for my mom for my wedding day because well, it's our birthday! And guess what? Her Brilliant bag in Amber Flush is just as versatile as the rest. The perfect option for your glitz and glam New Year's ensemble. Plus, these dazzling gems wear beautifully into the spring and from season to season. 
It’s my birthday and I’ll buy a Kelly Wynne if I want to! Find the Mingle Mingle Mini in Rose Gold Platinum here, the Cloud 9 in Rust Rose Gold here, and the Brilliant in Amber Flush here. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, girls! And don’t forget to dare to be fabulous this holiday season!