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My Journey as a Wynnetern

AH! It’s like I’m dreaming. I was given the opportunity to intern with Kelly Wynne this summer. Anxiously awaiting my move to Austin seemed like a century, but when I finally got here, it felt like Christmas. The saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” isn’t an exaggeration. Being from a small town, Jackson Mississippi, I felt like I entered a little bit of a culture shock. Although everything was just as southern and beautiful as I expected, I wasn’t familiar with an interstate as big as I-35, and the endless one-way streets.

After moving into my 18 story apartment building, I finally got to meet my roommate, Gracie Cocke. She happens to be the other “wynnetern”. Gracie also goes to Ole Miss with me and is a year older. Little did I know, I was about to be living with my TWYNNE. We have had the best time together in these last three weeks.

I vividly remember the first day walking into Kelly’s office. She and her team welcomed Gracie and I with open arms into their cute little two-story building that looks more like a house. The office was filled with the spring/summer collection, “Chromatic Release,” and it was as if I walked into “Girl Heaven".

Jessica and Virginia Mae are Gracie and my other two bosses, and they are so much fun. The very first day, not only did we get to see the entire fall collection, which is AMAZING, but Kelly also gave Gracie and me a purse! ...On the first day! It was a blast. The second day we were told to meet V Mae at the photographer's studio. There, I quickly started to learn how much time and energy goes into photographing each bag. I never knew how much meticulous detail was put into making these bags look perfect. I thought photographing a person took a while, but once you see a handbag photographed your mind will completely change.

Basically, I have the best job ever. Jessica gave Gracie and me the task to sight see around Austin and look for cool places to have photo shoots with Kelly. Jess told us to check out the east side, which was full of many colorful graffiti walls. Web orders come in everyday, and we get to ship them ourselves! The Kelly Wynne team spends hours on end making sure that each and every bag that comes in doesn’t have a single thing wrong with it. I learned how to “QC”, AKA quality check each bag. Seeing the behind the scenes has made me realize how much Kelly truly cares for each and every person receiving the perfect handbag. If there is one scratch on the label, one tear on the inside, or even something just slightly wrong with the bag in general, it will not be sold. It is amazing seeing how much work goes into each customer's order for the amount of money they pay. Packaging the handbags is the best when you know the person who ordered it and can slip a note in there telling them you hope they enjoy their new Kelly Wynne!

Gracie and I have had days where we photographed the bags outside holding a poster board over them, while using tinfoil to make sure the lighting is just right for an Instagram. Kelly has worked so incredibly hard for her business, and it is growing so quickly. She truly has a passion for her designs, and it is evident when she actually gets to see them come to life. 

I think my favorite job I have done so far is when we got to name all of the bags for the fall collection. Kelly, Jess, V Mae, Gracie, and I all sat around and bounced ideas off of each other... Coming up with the coolest names and also having fun being creative together. Also, creating Pinterest boards for inspiration has really helped with getting in the right mindset for the fall collection. I can't wait to share more details with you about the new fall collection! You are all going to love it!

I have learned many things each and every day I have been here, although it’s only been almost a month. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to be a Wynnetern! Stay tuned for more wynnetern adventures next week...