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Diaries of a Wynnetern

I cannot believe it is already July! The last two months have been a whirlwind of big city life, handbag photo shoots, guacamole, clever social media captions, snapchats of Fonzi, packaging boxes, and more guacamole. I never imagined my summer as a wynnetern (who would have thought you could play off the word "wynne" as much as these girls do?) could be as spontaneous and exciting as it has been so far.
Becca and I have learned so much about the company in such a short time. It was really eye-opening to see all the effort put into checking each bag to make sure the quality is top-notch. Seeing how Kelly, Jessica, Virginia Mae, and Kristin rely on each other and work together as a team to bring each project together is really amazing. They each have their own strengths and use those to efficiently get the job done.
Interning at Kelly Wynne has been the definition of the phrase "work hard, play hard". Things can go from stressing about how to solve a customer service issue to hysterically laughing at Fonzi's ridiculous snoring in .5 seconds, and I absolutely love every second of it. Two weeks ago we had our annual Happy Hour sale on the website. To promote the sale Kelly decided to do a paint fight video to play off of the spring collection theme "Chromatic Release". I was really looking forward to the video shoot, obviously. Any time running around, slinging paint, and dancing to fun music can be considered as work, I'm so in. We all piled up in one car and headed to Kelly's parents' house to shoot the video. In addition to washable neon paint, we also used paint powder for fun visual effects. We all had a blast shooting the video, and I think it really shows through the final product.
We spent the next day running around prepping for the sale. The video had to be cut and edited, the inventory had to be checked and updated, and the warehouse had to be organized and stocked with supplies. Everything was completed, the champagne was popped, and the sale was a huge success --complete with squeals, giggles, and toasts with every new order!
The next day was entirely devoted to packaging and shipping each and every purse ordered through the sale. Becca and I took over different jobs of the process and figured out an efficient routine that worked for us. We blared fun music all day and had so much fun seeing orders from friends at home! Miraculously, we completed all of the orders that day. In the wise words of my girl Fat Amy, you could say we "crushed it". This photo shows only PART of the orders... phew...
Every day something new and exciting comes our way. Life as a wynnetern is anything but boring, and I cannot wait for all the fun we will get into during our last month in Austin!