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AfterGLOW Formal Favorites

Spring formals are just around the corner! See how wynnetern Hallie styles her formal dresses with the AfterGLOW collection. Halo in Prism

Spring has sprung! (At least in Austin, Texas it has!)  
This warmer weather not only means flirty dresses, sunshine and the season opening of Sno Beach (a local favorite snow cone stand), but in the college world it also means spring formals. 
One of my favorite things about formals is planning my outfit! Of course I love searching for the perfect dress, but picking out the smaller details like accessories and makeup is the most fun for me! I always carry a handbag or clutch to hold all of my essentials for the night: lipgloss, money, and of course my cell phone, but sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect bag that’s not too big but still nicely complements your cocktail dress. This is why I LOVE the Kelly Wynne AfterGLOW collection. The three versatile styles come in beautiful metallic colors that will instantly dress up any outfit and can be used either as a crossbody or a clutch by simply transforming the chains. 
My personal favorite is the Halo in Prism. The bright, reflective gold goes with any and everything and the unique circle shape will definitely stand out in a crowd! I love how it brings out the glowing undertones of my pink and orange dress. 
Another favorite of mine is the Brilliant in Pearlized Platinum. Its dazzling silver color is gorgeous and the exotic snakeskin printed suede keeps it young and stylish. It really accentuates the pearly luster of the beads on my dress!
Check out the rest of the AfterGLOW collection HERE and dare to be fabulous at your next formal event! xoxo, Hallie