Wynne You're Feeling Bubbly

Spring is finally here! One of my favorite parts of the season is getting rid of my heavy winter clothes and pulling out a fresh, vibrant new wardrobe. My go-to neutral of the season to throw on with my colorful outfits is the Halo in Barbados Bubbles. The oceanic design in gray and white adds a unique and playful touch to any outfit! Dare to pair your Kelly Wynne bubbly to some bubbly of your own or try my new favorite cocktail: Watermelon Mimosas!


5 cups of cut watermelon

2 cups of freshly squeezed orange juice

1 bottle of chilled champagne or prosecco

Optional sugar or honey for added sweetness

Fresh mint to garnish

1. Blend watermelon pieces and orange juice into a puree; add sugar or honey for added sweetness
2. Chill watermelon orange puree until ready to serve drinks
3. Pour watermelon orange puree into a champagne flute just over half way
4. Fill the remaining half with champagne or prosecco; stir light
5. Top it off with a fresh sprig of mint!

Whether you’re going out with girlfriends or relaxing at home with your hubs, this refreshing cocktail will be a fun addition to any evening!