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Meet Wynnetern Ashley


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a Junior at the University of Texas at Austin from Allen, Texas, and I study Corporate Communications, Textiles & Apparel, and Italian.

Who is your fashion inspiration?

One of my fashion inspirations is Chrissy Teigen, the supermodel, amazing cook, and wife of John Legend. Her style is so effortlessly chic, and she makes stuffing your face with good food look glamorous.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you #DareToEscape?

I would #DareToEscape back to Sorrento, Italy where the view is incredible from every angle, the Island of Capri is a small boat ride away, the food is mind-blowing, the people are warm and like family, and bathing suits are the dress code.

How do you #DareToBeFabulous?

I #DareToBeFabulous by following my mother’s instruction to always wear lipstick no matter what, and carrying a chic change of shoes when wearing heels.

What is your favorite thing to do in Austin?

Eat. My favorite thing to do in Austin is eat. There is always a new restaurant to try, and your old favorites will always be there to welcome you back.

Describe your style in 3 words.

Innovative, chic, (with a) flair

Which Kelly Wynne handbag style is your favorite?

The Sorry I’m Not Sorry Satchel in Maui Multi in my sketch (below)! The print has the neutral tones of whites, browns, and hints of black that makes it match with any staple pieces you have in your wardrobe. The best part though, are the pops of color in the lime green, oranges, and soft pinks that make a statement and up the ante on any outfit. The bag itself is perfect for the day-to-day, casual needs, as well as shopping trips or brunch with friends. It fits the essentials- wallet, keys, phone, emergency compact and lipstick, and the random items that always seem to find their way stashed in our handbags. The bonus the Sorry I’m Not Sorry Satchel offers are the tassels that add a little flirty fun.

If you were stuck on an deserted island, what five items would you put in your Kelly Wynne bag?

My sketch pad and pencils are numbers 1 and 2. It’s a newfound hobby of mine and now I can’t imagine going anywhere without them. Number 3 is my battered, water-damaged, and binder clipped copy of Pride and Prejudice that is always in my bag when I travel. Number 4 would be my white Maltese puppy, Mollie (she’s small enough to fit in my Kelly Wynne bag). Number 5 would be a swiss army knife, because I guess I have to be practical.

What is your favorite thing about being a Wynnetern?

I love being surrounded by such achieving, creative, confident, hilarious, and inspiring women. I love the opportunity of having a first-hand account of what goes into making a business successful. Kelly, Krystin, Virginia Mae, and Kristin are all great mentors, and encourage us to ask questions and do hands-on learning.

What’s something you would never be caught wearing?

Crocs. Never never never ever never would I be wearing crocs.