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Cloud 9 Clutch: 4 Ways

 As Wynneterns, we are always surrounded by beautiful handbags at the KWHQ. One of the designs we've all had our eye on is the Cloud 9 Clutch!

The best feature about the Cloud 9 Clutch is that you essentially get four bags in one! Whether you need a shoulder strap, long chain, a wristlet, or a clutch- this versatile style has you covered! Follow our journey around Austin as we wear the Cloud 9 Clutch in Sey-shells in 4 ways for 4 different occasions!

During her shopping trip downtown, Caroline wore her Cloud 9 with the shoulder strap.

I like using the shoulder strap because it keeps things casual and still allows me to be hands-free while I'm running around town! xo, Caroline

Ellen had lunch at Irene's where she rocked the Cloud 9 with a long chain.

I loved adding the chain to this versatile clutch to wear out to lunch with friends. It was super easy to carry on my shoulder and fit all of my essentials! I got so many compliments! xo, Ellen

Liza showed off her Cloud 9 as a wristlet for her romantic date night.

I'm a big fan of wearing the Cloud 9 as a wristlet! I love that I can wear it around my wrist to keep my hands free. It's the perfect accessory for a date night! xo, Liza

On a formal night outside of Hotel Ella, Ashley styled her Cloud 9 as clutch.

Styling the Cloud 9 as a clutch was the perfect, polished, no fuss touch I needed to complete my formal outfit. The strap and chain were easy to take off the bag and store away for later. I had plenty of room for the event essentials: phone, keys, wallet, and make-up. xo, Ashley


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