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Halloween Costumes

Halloween is approaching, so get ready for spooky night while still looking fabulous.  We created some cute and stylish Halloween costume ideas paired with a Kelly Wynne handbag for extra style points.  Dare to be a dark vampire or a magical fairy godmother, and complete your look with a Kelly Wynne bag by your side!  
Fairy Godmother Costume
Dress | Wand | Tiara | Princess in Golden Jubilee
Cat Costume
Jumpsuit | Cat Costume Accessories | Leopard Heels | Flirty Little Foldover in Catwalk
Holly Golightly Costume
Dress | Tiara | Sunglasses | Gloves | Necklace | Risky Biz Wristlet in Skyline Silhouette
Vampire Costume
Dress | Wig | Vampire Fangs | Heels | Sorry I'm Not Sorry Satchel in High Line Shine