Kelly Wynne Turns Four!

Wow, 4 years. Time sure has flown by. It feels like yesterday I decided to pursue this “unrealistic” dream of designing handbags. When I look at everything we’ve accomplished at Kelly Wynne in 4 short years, I’m extremely grateful. Grateful for my team of boss ladies working diligently alongside me to grow KW as a company and a brand; grateful for my family and friends (especially my parents, husband and brother) who have supported me day in and day out through this difficult but joyous journey; grateful for my mentor, Brandi Sinclair who challenged me to do the unthinkable; grateful for my Heavenly Father for allowing me to use my creative gift and giving me the responsibility of spreading His love and encouraging others to pursue their passion and dream through my passion and dream… 
But most of all, I am grateful for YOU. You are why I do this. You are why I push myself to design beautiful, bold, unique handbags season after season. You are why I am vulnerable. You are why I put myself out there on social media, at trunk shows, at market. You are why I am able to continue doing what I LOVE. You are why I am writing this now. THANK YOU for your support these last 4 years and many more to come.  
Now for the non-sappy stuff… :)

My team celebrated our anniversary at my house this past week with sweet treats and two of my favorite spring bevies. Of course rosé all day, specifically Whispering Angel. It is THE best rosé out there IMO (my second fave is Miraval and third fave is Impatience for those who want to stock up this season!). 
We'd be #delighted for you to celebrate our journey alongside us and join in on the party with the photos below (plus shop all Delighted Collection bags featured HERE)!

 We love hearing from YOU! If you have purchased a Kelly Wynne handbag in the last 4 years, we’d love to for you to send us a “spotted” picture of you and your KW to feature on social media at 
From all the women at Kelly Wynne… We love YOU!