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Portrait of a #BOSSLADY ft. Brandi Sinclair

Our newest episode of our monthly series [Portrait of a Boss Lady] features a former mentor of Kelly's, Brandi Sinclair. This series highlights a few of our favorite boss  ladies, showing how they #daretoWynne no matter their background, profession, or status.
Kelly & Brandi
Every BOSS LADY needs a KW bag by her side. ;)
Meet Brandi Sinclair, one of the first people to truly help propel Kelly toward her dream of becoming a handbag designer. Brandi followed her own dream to become a therapist and consultant. Using her skills and passion, she was able to help others be the best version of themselves and realize their own dreams. Brandi exemplifies that when women support and encourage each other, we all #WYNNE.
Watch the video below to learn more about the #bosslady who gave Kelly her first big push towards her dreams.
So go ahead, take that leap and #DaretoWYNNE
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