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All About kelly wynner

Kelly Wynne makes beautiful, high-quality accessories that energize your wardrobe. We blend bold design with on-trend utility in seasonal looks that are fresh and functional. Our signature style is an uplifting confidence that carries you every day and everywhere.


In 2012, Kelly Wynne sketched out the perfect handbag that she couldn’t find anywhere on the market. It was fun, bold, beautiful, and it made you feel good because you knew you looked great. Fast-forward to now, and the Kelly Wynne brand is energizing women’s wardrobes all over the world. We’ve stayed true to bold designs, unique materials, and on-trend utility, but we’ve expanded our ideas of what “feeling good” means.

The Kelly Wynne brand is committed to lifting our customers up and cheering them on. We put our passion into designing accessories to inspire the same passion in you. We want every woman to feel confident in pursuing her dreams. When you need us, we’ll be here in your balcony rooting for your wins!

"Looking great is about feeling good about yourself and every woman deserves that."


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