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All About Kelly Wynne

About the business
Kelly Wynne

Kelly Wynne is a lifestyle brand featuring quality handbags and accessories designed to dress you with confidence for every chapter in life.

Kelly Wynne was founded in 2012 by Kelly Wynne Ferguson where it all began at her parents’ kitchen counter in Austin, TX. She first started sketching because she wanted to design handbags that make women look and feel fabulous. While that’s still the goal, her passion extends beyond the bag.

This business that started from a few raw sketches has turned into what we like to call “a balcony brand”. Kelly Wynne is a brand that believes in lifting you up, encouraging one another, and accessorizing you with confidence. We’re standing in your balcony, rooting for you, cheering you on and up, as we work passionately to design bags with bold, printed materials and unique use of color and texture to confidently carry you from one chapter to the next.

Kelly designs real products for real women, providing versatility and functionality while maintaining a chic and classic style for every occasion in every stage of life. From a mini bag for toddlers and tweens that instills confidence at a young age to a soft, lightweight tote that is comfortable enough to sit pretty on your grandmother’s shoulder, we’ve got it all in the bag!

What’s the deal with CLEAR? In the fall of 2017, Kelly Wynne launched one of the most recognizable high end clear bags on the market along with the announcement of the new NCAA and NFL clear bag policy. With so many football loving customers, Kelly was determined to design a clear bag that does not cramp your style! Since then the Clear Mingle Mingle Mini has become our #1 best-seller making it the clear wynner every woman needs in their closet.

Each collection is produced with limited quantities and sold exclusively on and SO, now that we’re friends, are you ready to do some shopping?!