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How a bag launched a calling.

For Kelly Wynne Ferguson, the passion to do good in the world started at home. It was Kelly’s mom who always encouraged her to dream big and stood by to cheer her on. She taught her about leading a “balcony life,” devoted to bringing out the best in others and herself.

In 2012, Kelly created the first Kelly Wynne handbag at her parent’s kitchen counter, surrounded by love and support. That first bag led her to her calling of running a business dedicated to helping women look and feel fabulous.

Designing beautiful products is only one part of Kelly’s journey. The other is keeping a good thing going.

As a mom, wife, daughter, entrepreneur and female business owner, Kelly is dedicated to lifting others up with the confidence to follow their dreams—just like her mom taught her.

Life on the Balcony

At Kelly Wynne, we build balconies. Not out of wood and beams, but through inclusion and encouragement, we create platforms that rise above negativity, shame and social pressure for a clearer, kinder view of the world.

The foundation of our balcony is our business, where we’re making responsible and sustainable choices about vendors, employees, products and leadership.

Next, we’re rising to meet our customer’s needs with beautiful, high-quality accessories in our signature uplifting, confident style. A level higher is our collective of friends united in fashion, fun and kindness.

At the top is our community, where we’re reaching out with support for like-minded organizations that build women up by promoting self-care, confidence and independence.

Come join us on the balcony—you belong here.

Balcony Standards

Kelly Wynne is a balcony brand. We commit to lifting people up and cheering them on to achieve and overcome. This is fundamental to our brand and it impacts how we operate as a business all the way down to our individual interactions.Everything we do is guided by our balcony standards:

Every Sale Goes Beyond The Bag

Actions that cheer on our customers

Partnerships with organizations that encourage self-care, confidence, and independence.

Bringing out the best in others through our philanthropy and charitable partnerships